Freiheit für die Sinne - Freiheit für den Sinn. Wo Kunst als Sprache der Kommunikation explizit wird, entbirgt sich was dort für den Menschen und seine Kultur implizit ruhte.    

Freedom for the senses - freedom to the sense. Where art as the language of communication becomes explicit, it shows what was implicit resting there for man - and his culture.    

Libertad para los sentidos - libertad para el sentido. Donde el Arte como lenguaje de la comunicación se hace explícito, se descubre lo que lleva implícito para los humanos y su cultura.    




From ( ARTFICIAL ARTISTS ) shown in art-galleries to artificial products shown in supermarkets (HOHN-pur)  - or innovative exhibition concepts presented on a museum-cargo-steamerEin Kuerbis voll Asche ) and ("... über das MEER !") ... or at a TV-tower like ( PANORAMA-GIRLS ): INTERLACEarts!  has always been one of  the most avant-garde platforms to express contemporary ZEITGEIST, and to apply concepts of  CONTEMPORARY ART  as a language to design the entire view of our world. The genius ( ZEITGEIST  ) junction - to interlace vital  with virtual  concepts - ( JOSEPH BEUYS ) and ( ANDY WARHOL ) - and first sketches by the famous poet and thinker (HOELDERIN) guided us to found (ELASTICISMO ). In this frame important projects like (oficina) have been very successful. But also the very simple visual range has been cultivated with ( WHAT U SEE ), or in slides about cities like ( BERLIN ) or ( BARCELONA ). Contemporary issues about  actual  POP-ART proposals have been created with ( THE TOUCH ), ( MARILYN-today ) and some surrealist designs on "novel"  icons like ( LADY GAGA ). From the traditional ( BLAUE MADELS ) up to our recent projections ( PICS from PICS ) and large scale installation like our latest project: SCALA 2020  ... or about  "photo-movie-photo"  -  "OSTSEEdigital"  -  "LoveLocks"  - "virtual distaction" ... and  "open-air"  (performances) . . .  it´s always a  "virtual distraction"  by: INTERLACEarts!



The radical praxis of liberty generates a life in aesthetic situations ...

La praxis radical de libertad genera una vida en situaciones estéticas ...

Die radikale Praxis von Freiheit generiert ein Leben in Aesthetischen Situationen ...           INTERLACEarts! . . .    



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